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External talks

Datesort iconSpeakerLocationTitle
23 May 2013Karen MastersMaNGA Focus Week, IPMU, JapanMy MaNGA Science (Modified Gravity Tests, Quenched Discs and Barred Discs)
22 May 2013Gianmassimo TasinatoQueen Marymassive gravity
21 May 2013Claudia MarastonInvited colloquium, Observatory of the University of Rometba
17 May 2013Lucas LombriserUniversity of SussexTesting gravity with large-scale structure
15 May 2013David BaconEuclid Consortium Meeting, LeidenEuclid Flexion Update
15 May 2013Gianmassimo TasinatoBonninflationary model building
14 May 2013Will PercivalLeidenGalaxy Clustering within Euclid
13 May 2013Cullan HowlettEuclid Mission Conference 2013, Leiden, NetherlandsUncertainties from Slitless Spectroscopy
13 May 2013Karen MastersThe Role of Bars in Galaxy Evolution, Granada, SpainRevealing Galactic Scale Bars with the help of Galaxy Zoo
10 May 2013Karen MastersRoyal Astronomical Society Specialist DiscussionGas Rich Barred Galaxies: A Window on Secular Evolution