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External talks

Datesort iconSpeakerLocationTitle
11 Nov 2013Gongbo ZhaoNanjing, ChinaInvited talk on the 10th China-Australia Symposium on Science and Technology
07 Nov 2013Christian FidlerSaclay, IPhT, Present and Future of second order CMB workshopNon-Gaussianity of the CMB from non-linear evolution
06 Nov 2013Francesco PaceITA, University of Heidelberg, GermanyScalar tensor, SZ and coupled dark energy
06 Nov 2013Gianmassimo TasinatoHelsinkigNL with LSS
29 Oct 2013Gianmassimo TasinatoSouthamptonNew perspectives on modified gravity
23 Oct 2013Will PercivalUAM, MadridLatest results from BOSS (and as they’re delayed a look at future surveys)
23 Oct 2013Karen MastersSeminar, University of ExeterScience Results from Galaxy Zoo
17 Oct 2013Daniel ThomasVeniceThe evolution of the dynamical properties of massive galaxies from SDSS-III/BOSS
17 Oct 2013Claudia MarastonInvited talk at "Hot Topics on Elliptical Galaxies", Conference of the Accademia dei Lincei by invitation only, Venice, ItalyHunting the Dwarfs
15 Oct 2013Gongbo ZhaoShanghai, ChinaCosmological Tests of Gravity