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External talks

Datesort iconSpeakerLocationTitle
10 Sep 2013Diego CapozziLiverpool John Moores University - GAMA Collaboration MeetingHalo occupation numbers in groups
09 Sep 2013Oliver SteeleGAMA Team Meeting, LiverpoolGANDALF on GAMA
09 Sep 2013David BaconSKAO, Jodrell BankCosmology with SKA Continuum Surveys
09 Sep 2013Gianmassimo TasinatoRoyal Society workshop, Chicheley HallgNL with LSS
05 Sep 2013Lucas LombriserCOSMO 2013, Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, CambridgeChameleon clusters in f(R) gravity
03 Sep 2013Alberto Rozas-FernándezCambridge (UK)Phenomenology of Unified Dark Matter
03 Sep 2013Christian FidlerCOSMO 13 - CambridgeSecond Order Non-Gaussinaity --- SONG
03 Sep 2013Bridget FalckCOSMO 2013, Cambridge, UKThe Indra Suite of Simulations and ORIGAMI Evolution of Structures
03 Sep 2013Robert CrittendenCOSMO-13 Meeting, Cambridge Looking for primordial and intrinsic non-Gaussianity
02 Sep 2013Francesco PaceCosmo 2013, CambridgeStructure formation in non-minimally coupled dark energy models