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External talks

Datesort iconSpeakerLocationTitle
02 Sep 2013Dan ThomasCOSMO13, CMS, CambridgeNewtonian and Post-Newtonian Gravity in Cosmology : c → ∞ and Beyond
26 Jul 2013Kazuya Koyama"Cosmology from small scale structures", Kavli IPMU, Tokyo, JapanModified Gravity
25 Jul 2013Will Percival"Ripples in the Sky" conference, DurhamFrom current to future surveys
25 Jul 2013Claudia MarastonInvited talk at "Physical Processes of Galaxy Formation: Consensus and Challenges", 9th Cosmology Conference, Aix en Provence, FranceThe interplay between stellar and galaxy evolution
24 Jul 2013Mat PieriRipples in the Cosmos, Durham UniversityProbing dark energy with the Ly-alpha forest
17 Jul 2013Ashley RossLawrence Berkeley National Lab MS-DESI MeetingObservational systematics and physical interpretation of large-scale structure
16 Jul 2013Diego CapozziLiverpool John Moores University - XCS Collaboration MeetingStudying the dark-baryonic matter relation in DES-XCS clusters
16 Jul 2013Harry WilcoxXCS Annual conferenceXCS clusters in DES
08 Jul 2013Juan Carlos HidalgoGR 20 conference, University of Warsaw, PolandDistinguishing relativistic, Newtonian and primordial non-linearities of matter fluctuations in Lambda-CDM
08 Jul 2013Daniel ThomasEWASS 2013 Turku, FinlandThe stellar populations of ellipticals