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External talks

Datesort iconSpeakerLocationTitle
01 Jul 2013Francesco PaceMAO NASU, Kyiv, UkraineA comparison of structure formation in minimally and non-minimally coupled quintessence models
27 Jun 2013Daniel ThomasOxford UniversitySNe Ia host galaxy properties from SDSS-II spectroscopy
25 Jun 2013Guido W. PettinariCERN, Geneva - "Cosmology and Fundamental Physics with Planck" workshopExploring the second-order CMB with the Song code
25 Jun 2013Robert CrittendenCosmology and Fundamental Physics with Planck, CERN Geneva Looking for primordial and intrinsic non-Gaussianity
24 Jun 2013Mat PieriIntergalactic Interactions: A Higgs Centre Workshop on the Intergalactic Medium in EdinburghStacking Lyα forest absorbers in the SDSS-III/ BOSS DR9 quasar survey
21 Jun 2013Francesco PaceLa Sapienza, Roma University, ItalyStructure formation in non-minimally coupled DE models
20 Jun 2013Claudia MarastonReview at Workshop on Evolved Stars, Cornell University (Ithaca), USAModelling the spectra of galaxies: the stellar ingredient
19 Jun 2013Mat PieriInvited talk in Leiden Summer CGM-Galaxy Interface WorkshopComposite spectra of the Intergalactic and Circumgalactic absorbers in large and growing data sets
18 Jun 2013Francesco PaceAstronomy Department, University of Bologna, ItalyStructure formation in early dark energy models
13 Jun 2013Ashley RossSDSS III meeting, Johns Hopkins UniversityBAO and RSD results from BOSS CMASS split by color