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External talks

Datesort iconSpeakerLocationTitle
04 May 2007Will PercivalDES UK meeting, UCLOverview of BAO/LSS in DES
20 Apr 2007David BaconMeerKAT Science Workshop, AmsterdamGravitational Lensing with MeerKAT
12 Apr 2007Will PercivalBICOS, BilbaoGalaxy Clustering and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
30 Mar 2007Daniel ThomasSDSS-II Collaboration Meeting, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USAAGN feedback in galaxy formation
29 Mar 2007Will PercivalSDSS-II meeting, Drexel, PhiladelphiaBaryon Acoustic Oscillations in the SDSS DR5 and 2dFGRS
29 Mar 2007Kazuya KoyamaCosmology workshop, Sils Maria, SwitzerlandPrimordial perturbations from slow-roll inflation on a brane
26 Mar 2007Will Percival"The origin of galaxies", ObergurglCosmology from future surveys
06 Jun 2006Edward EdmondsonUniversity of SussexBayesian photometric redshifts at low signal-to-noise