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External talks

Datesort iconSpeakerLocationTitle
06 Jun 2006Edward EdmondsonUniversity of SussexBayesian photometric redshifts at low signal-to-noise
26 Mar 2007Will Percival"The origin of galaxies", ObergurglCosmology from future surveys
29 Mar 2007Kazuya KoyamaCosmology workshop, Sils Maria, SwitzerlandPrimordial perturbations from slow-roll inflation on a brane
29 Mar 2007Will PercivalSDSS-II meeting, Drexel, PhiladelphiaBaryon Acoustic Oscillations in the SDSS DR5 and 2dFGRS
30 Mar 2007Daniel ThomasSDSS-II Collaboration Meeting, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USAAGN feedback in galaxy formation
12 Apr 2007Will PercivalBICOS, BilbaoGalaxy Clustering and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
20 Apr 2007David BaconMeerKAT Science Workshop, AmsterdamGravitational Lensing with MeerKAT
04 May 2007Will PercivalDES UK meeting, UCLOverview of BAO/LSS in DES
20 May 2007Kazuya KoyamaOrigins of dark energy, Perimeter institute, CanadaThe DGP braneworld
01 Jun 2007Kazuya KoyamaCosmology seminar, University of LancasterPrimordial perturbations from slow-roll inflation on a brane