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External talks

Datesort iconSpeakerLocationTitle
22 Nov 2013Claudia MarastonEuclid OU-PHZ annual face-to-face meeting, Max-Planck Institute, MunichPhoto-z and Physical parameters
17 Oct 2013Claudia MarastonInvited talk at "Hot Topics on Elliptical Galaxies", Conference of the Accademia dei Lincei by invitation only, Venice, ItalyHunting the Dwarfs
25 Jul 2013Claudia MarastonInvited talk at "Physical Processes of Galaxy Formation: Consensus and Challenges", 9th Cosmology Conference, Aix en Provence, FranceThe interplay between stellar and galaxy evolution
08 Jul 2013Claudia MarastonInvited highlight talk, EWASS Symposium, 'The mistery of ellipticals', Turku (Finland)Stellar populations in elliptical galaxies
20 Jun 2013Claudia MarastonReview at Workshop on Evolved Stars, Cornell University (Ithaca), USAModelling the spectra of galaxies: the stellar ingredient
05 Jun 2013Claudia MarastonInvited colloquium, JHI-PrestonTBA
21 May 2013Claudia MarastonInvited colloquium, Observatory of the University of Rometba
09 May 2013Claudia MarastonInvited colloquium, University of Bristoltba
07 May 2013Claudia MarastonInvited colloquium, Brera Observatory, University of Milano (Italy)tba
27 Apr 2013Claudia MarastonMeeting of the British Astronomical Society, South Downs Planetarium, ChichesterThe intriguing life of massive galaxies