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Seminars are usually held at 2:30 pm on Thursdays in the Dennis Sciama Building. They generally feature talks by external speakers on topics relevant to ICG members. Talks are preceded by lunch with the speaker, and followed by tea.
See here for a complete list of seminars including the past.
Seminar organisers: Kazuya Koyama, Claudia Maraston

03 Oct 2013Martin Sahlén (Oxford) Uncharted territories of the density and gravitational fields
10 Oct 2013Martin Stringer (IAP)Galaxy properties as a fingerprint of cosmology & fundamental physics
17 Oct 2013Amelie Saintonge (UCL)tba
24 Oct 2013Raphael Hirschi (Keele)Massive Stars: Evolution, Fate and Nucleosynthesis
31 Oct 2013Thomas Collett (Cambridge)Probing cosmological parameters with strong lenses
07 Nov 2013Marc Betoule (France)Improved cosmological constraints from a joint analysis of the SNLS and SDSS supernova surveys.
14 Nov 2013Graziano Rossi (CEA, Paris)Cosmological challenges: dark energy, non-Gaussianity, and massive neutrinos
21 Nov 2013Omar Almaini (Nottingham)The interaction between distant galaxies and their environments
28 Nov 2013Ricardo Schiavon (JM-Liverpool)APOGEE: The Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment
12 Dec 2013Jonathan Pearson (Durham)TBA
23 Jan 2014Martin Haehnelt (Cambridge)TBA
30 Jan 2014Shaun Hotchkiss (Sussex)TBA
06 Mar 2014Ralf Bender (MPE and University of Munich)TBA
13 Mar 2014Donnacha Kirk (UCL)TBA
27 Mar 2014Tessa Baker (Oxford)TBA