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Galaxy Breakfast

A journal club meeting to discuss recent literature and developments around galaxy formation and astrophysics. Occasionally, dedicated presentations also from external speakers are scheduled. The meeting generally takes place at 10am in room 3.12, Dennis Sciama Building.

Organisers: Claudia Maraston, Daniel Thomas.

09 Oct 2013Lodovico CoccatoGalaxy kinematics
16 Oct 2013Matt BershadySubmaximal Disks in the DiskMass Survey: Missing Mass, Excess Light, or Flawed Dynamics?
29 Oct 2013Claire LecrasThe UV side of galaxies: project and conference report
13 Nov 2013Claudia Maraston / Daniel ThomasUpdate on the IMF
20 Nov 2013everyoneJournal Club
27 Nov 2013Daniel ThomasIMF: dynamical constraints
29 Nov 2013Ricardo Schiavon (Liverpool)The chemical composition of M31 clusters
04 Dec 2013Diego CapozziGalaxy evolution as function of redshift and environment
11 Dec 2013Karen MastersConference summary
15 Jan 2014Francesco PaceN-body simulations with early metal enrichment