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Complete listing of previous lunchtime meetings
07 Oct 2008ICG staffMeet the group
14 Oct 2008Kelly Nock/ Edd EdmondsonJournal paper/ Intro to new web pages
21 Oct 2008Prina PatelWeak lensing in the radio
28 Oct 2008Gustav StrömbäckThe impact of empirical stellar spectra on stellar population modelling
04 Nov 2008Karen MastersThe Tully-Fisher Relation as a Tool for Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution
11 Nov 2008John MasonWriting Books for Praxis Publishing
18 Nov 2008Shanki Subramaniam/Ben HoyleTang et al: Probing Modified Gravity by Combining Supernovae and Galaxy Cluster Surveys
25 Nov 2008Gabriela Caldera CabralEvolution of sub-horizon cold dark matter perturbations (Coupled and uncoupled models)
02 Dec 2008Jonas JohanssonStellar population models of absorption line indices
09 Dec 2008Janine PforrStellar Population Properties of Galaxies across the Cosmic Time
16 Dec 2008Davide Pietrobon / Irene Milillojournal club
27 Jan 2009Chaz ShapiroLeaps in the Dark: The Problem of Dark Energy Reconstruction
03 Feb 2009Rita TojeiroVESPA, galaxies and the Universe
10 Feb 2009Hooshyar Assadullahi / Gaby CalderacabralJournal club
17 Feb 2009Claudia MarastonProgress report on the Marie Curie Excellence Team
24 Feb 2009Oliver Piattella, Insubria University, Como, ItalyThe Chaplygin gas as a unified model of dark energy and dark matter
03 Mar 2009Prina Patel / Karen MastersJournal club
10 Mar 2009Chiara ToniniModeling galaxies at high redshift in a hierarchical lambdaCDM scenario
17 Mar 2009Hooshyar AssadullahiSecond order cosmological gravitational waves
24 Mar 2009Gustav Strömbäck / Yong-Seon SongJournal club
31 Mar 2009Fabio Parracho SilvaGhostbusting in 5D
21 Apr 2009Lukas HollensteinConstraints on early dark energy from CMB lensing and weak lensing tomography
28 Apr 2009Christos Charmousis (Orsay, France)Friedman equation on codimension-2 branes
05 May 2009Jonas Johansson / Hubert LampeitlJournal club
12 May 2009Cris SabiuSimulating The Cosmos
19 May 2009Janine Pforr / Chaz ShapiroJournal club
26 May 2009Fabio Parracho Silva / Rita TojeiroJournal club
02 Jun 2009Matthew Pieri (Ohio State University)Insights into the Metal Enrichment of the Intergalactic Medium from SDSS QSO spectra
09 Jun 2009Kelly NockReducing the effect of redshift-space distortions on projected 2-pt clustering observations
16 Jun 2009Fulvio SbisáThe 6D Cascading DGP model
23 Jun 2009Naureen GoheerOn the co-existence of matter dominated and accelerating solutions in f(G)-gravity
14 Jul 2009Richard Lieu (University of Alabama)A natural origin of primordial density perturbations
04 Aug 2009Patrice Okouma, University of Cape TownBAO and Isocurvature : some elements
06 Oct 2009ICG staffMeet the group
13 Oct 2009Bruno HenriquezGalaxy Formation Modeling: insights from the semi-analytic approach
20 Oct 2009Gustav Strömbäck / Yong-Seon SongJournal club
27 Oct 2009Sean FebruaryRendering dark energy void
03 Nov 2009Lado SamushiaQuintessence as a dark energy candidate
10 Nov 2009Jose FonsecaObservational Predictions for the Curvaton
17 Nov 2009Karen Masters / Jonas JohanssonJournal club
24 Nov 2009Cyril PitrouThe non-linear evolution of the cosmic microwave background
01 Dec 2009Emma BeynonWeak lensing predictions for modified gravities at non-linear scales
08 Dec 2009Hubert LampeitlJournal club
15 Dec 2009Camille Bonvin (CEA, France)Full-sky gravitational lensing: new relativistic effects in convergence and second-order shear
12 Jan 2010Ashley RossGalaxy Clustering with Photometric Surveys
19 Jan 2010Sharon Whitfield (INTECH)Public outreach and the STEM ambassadors scheme
26 Jan 2010David BaconSTFC funding climate
02 Feb 2010Gong-Bo Zhaotba
09 Feb 2010Yong-Seon Songtba
16 Feb 2010Alvise RaccanelliWide Angle Effects on Redshift-Space Distortions
23 Feb 2010Prina Pateltba
02 Mar 2010Ramin Skibba (University of Arizona)Brightest halo galaxies
09 Mar 2010Bruno Henriques / Chaz ShapiroJournal club
16 Mar 2010Hubert LampeitlUpdate on: Host Galaxy dependencies of Type Ia Supernovae
23 Mar 2010Gustav StrömbäckHigh-resolution stellar population modelling
13 Apr 2010Emma Beynon / Alvise RaccanelliJournal club
20 Apr 2010Issha Kayo (IPMU, Japan)Velocity Power Spectrum Extraction from Redshift-Space Distortion
27 Apr 2010Yong-Seon SongTruth and myth: large scale structure formation
04 May 2010Prina Patel / Jose FonsecaJournal club
11 May 2010Jayant Narlikar (IUCAA, India)Some conceptual problems in general relativity and cosmology
18 May 2010Antonios PapazoglouHorava-Lifshitz Gravity
25 May 2010Chiara ToniniThe hierarchical build up of the tully-fisher relation
01 Jun 2010Lado Samushia / Ashley RossJournal club
08 Jun 2010Stephen Bence (www.transentia.com)Impact potential of the ICG
15 Jun 2010VIPERS meetingtba
22 Jun 2010Jonas JohanssonChemical compositions of SDSS galaxies
29 Jun 2010Rita Tojeirotba
06 Jul 2010Chaz Shapirotba
27 Jul 2010Ali Vanderveld (JPL)tba
07 Sep 2010Molly Swanson (UCL)Seeing Neutrinos with Galaxy Surveys
14 Sep 2010Ben Granett (Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera)The imprint of large-scale structure on the CMB
05 Oct 2010ICG staffMeet the group
12 Oct 2010Guido PettinariAxions and AGNs - On the Evidence for Axion-like Particles from Active Galactic Nuclei
19 Oct 2010Gustavo NizThe Big Bang: an M-theory tale...
26 Oct 2010Gong-Bo ZhaoJournal club
02 Nov 2010Carolina Odman (SA)Networked Astronomy
09 Nov 2010Tejinder SinghThe effect of inhomogeneities on the average cosmological dynamics
11 Nov 2010Luke DaviesGalaxy Populations at z~5 and their Local Environment
16 Nov 2010John Craven (Vice-Chancellor)The ICG and University strategy
23 Nov 2010Dominic Galliano / Hana SchumacherJournal club
30 Nov 2010Marc ManeraLarge Scale Bias, Primordial Non-Gaussianity and Simulations
07 Dec 2010Claudia MarastonDark Matter Awareness week
14 Dec 2010Niko Meures / Guido PettinariJournal club
11 Jan 2011Janine PforrTBA
18 Jan 2011Alessandra Beifiori1) Supermassive Black Holes in the local universe, 2) Evolution of the dynamical properties of massive galaxies with redshift
01 Feb 2011Bob NicholIntroduction to SDSS-III
08 Feb 2011David BaconLecture for High School Students
15 Feb 2011Heather CampbellSDSS II supernovae with BOSS host redshifts
22 Feb 2011Rita Tojeiro, Cyril PitrouJournal Club: "Nearby Galaxies in More Distant Contexts" and "The tight-coupling approximation for baryon acoustic oscillations"
01 Mar 2011Timothy ClemsonInteracting Dark Energy
08 Mar 2011Dominic GallianoBuilding estimators to measure non-Gaussianities in the CMB
15 Mar 2011Hana SchumacherMolecular gas in an obscured quasar
22 Mar 2011Niko MeuresExact non-linear inhomogeneities in LCDM cosmology and their effect on observations
29 Mar 2011Karen MastersDo Bars Kill Spiral Galaxies?
05 Apr 2011Gustavo Niz, Alvise RaccanelliJournal club
03 May 2011Lado SamushiaHow well do we understand redshift-space distortions?
17 May 2011Cyril PitrouThe seed magnetic field generated around recombination
24 May 2011Jose' Fonseca and Marc ManeraJournal Club
31 May 2011Emma BeynonTesting Cosmology with Gravitational lensing
07 Jun 2011Ashley RossAmeliorating Systematic Errors on Large-Scale Clustering Measurements