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Complete listing of seminars
17 Jan 2008Martin Hendry (Glasgow)Gravitational Wave Astronomy
24 Jan 2008Michele Liguori (Cambridge)CMB primordial non-Gaussianity: results from WMAP and prospects for Planck
31 Jan 2008Yong-Seon Song (ICG)The art of the structure formation test on GR
07 Feb 2008Raul Angulo (Durham)The assembly bias of dark matter haloes to higher orders
25 Sep 2008Enrique Gaztanaga (Barcelona) Clustering of LRGs: detection of the radial Baryon Acoustic Peak
02 Oct 2008Misao Sasaki (Kyoto, Japan)Large non-Gaussianity from multi-brid inflation
09 Oct 2008Antony Lewis (Cambridge)High-redshift 21cm and redshift distortions
16 Oct 2008Atsushi Taruya (Tokyo, Japan)Perturbation theory of large-scale structure and future galaxy surveys
23 Oct 2008Mike Cruise (Birmingham)Prospects for detecting gravitational waves at very high frequencies ( > 100 MHz )
30 Oct 2008David Seery (Cambridge)Magnetogenesis and the primordial non-gaussianity
06 Nov 2008Hubert Lampeitl (ICG)Supernovae and Cosmology
27 Nov 2008Cyril Pitrou (Oslo, Norway)The non-linear evolution of the cosmic microwave background
16 Dec 2008Carlton Baugh (Durham)Massive Galaxies in a hierarchical universe
18 Dec 2008Olivier Dore (CITA)Probing primordial non-gaussianity and testing gravity with large scale structure surveys
15 Jan 2009Federico Piazza, Perimeter InstituteRapidly-Varying Speed of Sound, Scale Invariance and Non-Gaussian Signatures
22 Jan 2009Max Pettini, CambridgeFirst Stars: Clues from QSO Absorption Lines
29 Jan 2009Christopher Gordon, OxfordProbing the Primordial Power Spectrum with Cluster Number Counts
05 Feb 2009Hiranya Peiris, CambridgeCancelled (will be rescheduled)
12 Feb 2009Miguel Quartin, Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma / Università di Milano-BicoccaCosmic Parallax, a New Tool in Observational Cosmology
19 Feb 2009Malcolm Fairbairn, Kings CollegeRecent Developments in Dark Matter
26 Feb 2009Harald Kuntschner, European Southern Observatory (Munich)Recent results from the SAURON galaxy survey
05 Mar 2009Jan SieberJoint ICG/Maths Seminar - Title: Catastrophic coupling delays
12 Mar 2009Mikako Matsuura, National Observatory of Japan and UCLAsymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars and the chemical evolution and dust formation in galaxies
19 Mar 2009Ilian Iliev, SussexSimulating Reionization at Large Scales
26 Mar 2009Richard Massey, EdinburghGravitational lensing from 1919 to today
30 Apr 2009Konstantinos Dimopoulos, LancasterCosmological Perturbations from Massive Vector Fields
07 May 2009Hiranya Peiris, CambridgePolarization tests of large scale CMB temperature anomalies - a last stand before Planck
14 May 2009Shuntaro Mizuno, NottinghamDynamics of a scalar field in Robertson-Walker spacetimes
20 May 2009Roger Davies, OxfordToward a new paradigm for early type galaxies.
27 May 2009Matthew BateSimulating star formation
04 Jun 2009Andy Bunker, OxfordSeminar
10 Jun 2009Ian Huston, QMLNumerical simulations of second order perturbations
17 Jun 2009Daniele Bertacca, University of PadovaUnified Dark Matter models
09 Jul 2009Isaac Roseboom, Sussex UniversityThe starburst-AGN connection: a view from the far-IR/sub-mm
03 Aug 2009Karl Glazebrook, Swinburne UniversityThe WiggleZ BAO survey
08 Oct 2009Filipe Abdalla (UCL)Weak lensing tomography: Pitfalls and challenges years to come?
14 Oct 2009Professor David Wark FRS (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory & Imperial College, London)Solar neutrinos: mysterious messengers from the heart of the Sun
15 Oct 2009Tom Theuns (Durham)Cosmological simulations of galaxy formation: physics and numerics
22 Oct 2009Jon Loveday (Sussex)The Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) Survey
29 Oct 2009Sugumi Kanno (Durham)Anisotropic inflation
05 Nov 2009Xingang Chen (Cambridge)Large non-Gaussianities with Intermediate Shapes from Quasi-Single
12 Nov 2009Tom KitchingFuture Fundamental Forecast
19 Nov 2009Tim Clifton (Oxford)The optical properties of inhomogeneous space-times before and after averaging
26 Nov 2009Kathy Romer (Sussex)What have clusters ever done for us? (rescheduled on 21 Jan)
03 Dec 2009Tony Padilla (Nottingham)The good, the bad and the ugly.... of Horava gravity
10 Dec 2009Andrew Fletcher (Newcastle)TBA
13 Jan 2010Arman Shafieloo (Oxford)Reconstructing Dark Energy
14 Jan 2010Douglas Shaw (Queen Mary)New Astrophysical Tests for Axion-like-Particles
21 Jan 2010Kath Romer (Sussex)The XMM Cluster Survey
28 Jan 2010Mairi Sakellariadou (King's College) Cosmology within the noncommutative spectral action
04 Feb 2010Isobel Hook (Oxford) The European Extremely Large Telescope
11 Feb 2010Natascha Foerster-Schreiber (Max-Planck institute for extra-terrestrial physics, Munich)Resolving the dynamics and physical properties of z~2 galaxies
25 Feb 2010Constantino Skordis (Nottingham)Cosmological tests of gravity
04 Mar 2010Seb Oliver (Sussex University)cancelled
11 Mar 2010Wynn Ho (Southampton)Extreme Physics with Neutron Star Surface Radiation
18 Mar 2010Dirk Hennig (Math Department, Portsmouth)When it helps to be purely Hamiltonian - Acceleration of rare events
25 Mar 2010Mark Sullivan (Oxford) Supernovae: Explosions and dark energy
15 Apr 2010Fabian Schmidt (Caltech)Non-linear structure formation in modified gravity
22 Apr 2010Russell JohnsonThe *Complete* Universe
29 Apr 2010Ilia Musco (Oslo)New Perspectives of Primordial Black Hole Formation
05 May 2010Levon Pogosian (Simon Fraser, Canada)Strings in the background
13 May 2010Ignacio Ferreras (UCL)Early-type galaxy formation under the microscope
20 May 2010Eyal Kazin (NYU)The Baryonic Acoustic Feature and Redshift Distortions in the SDSS and BOSS
27 May 2010Chris BlakeCosmology with the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey
03 Jun 2010Antony Lewis (Sussex)Statistical anisotropy in the CMB
07 Jun 2010Tarun Souradeep (IUCAA, India)Searching for physics beyond the standard cosmological model
10 Jun 2010Stefano Borgani (Osservatorio di Trieste)Astrophysics and cosmology with clusters
17 Jun 2010Baojiu Li (Cambridge)N-Body Simulations for Coupled Scalar Field Theories
23 Jun 2010Christophe Pichon (IAP, Oxford)The skeleton: connecting galaxy formation to large scale structures (1.00pm on Wednesday)
01 Jul 2010Joao Magueijo (Imperial)Matters of gravity
15 Jul 2010David Wake (Yale)Clustering in the NEWFIRM Medium Band Survey.: the stellar mass - halo mass relation at 1 < z < 2.
07 Oct 2010Paul Crowther, University of SheffieldOn the upper stellar mass limit
14 Oct 2010Don Pollacco, Queen's UniversityExoplanet discovery and characterisation
21 Oct 2010David Seery, Sussex Galileon nongaussianities
28 Oct 2010Subir Sarkar, OxfordAsymmetric dark matter and the Sun
04 Nov 2010Elise Jennings, Durham UniversityTesting dark energy and modified gravity models using large scale structure in the Universe
18 Nov 2010Stephen Serjeant, Open UniversityQuasars, galaxies and gravitational lenses in the Herschel ATLAS
25 Nov 2010Xavier Calmet, SusexUnitarity, Gravity and Models of Particle Physics
02 Dec 2010Peter Thomas, University of SussexJointly modelling both galaxies and the intracluster medium - POSTPONED TO NEXT TERM
09 Dec 2010Eugene Lim, CambridgeAngel Dust : Designer Dust with Pressure
20 Jan 2011Gianmassimo Tasinato (ICG-Portsmouth)Embedding inflation in a fundamental theory: what can we learn?
26 Jan 2011Dr. Sugata Kavirajtba
27 Jan 2011Gerry Gilmore (Cambridge)How cold is cold dark matter?
03 Feb 2011Jim Al-Khalili (Surrey)Quantum Mechanics: Still Crazy After All These Years
10 Feb 2011Tom Maccarone (Soton)Extragalactic globular clusters
16 Feb 2011(!Wednesday!) Toby Wiseman (Imperial)Asymptotics in a Lambda-CDM universe and application to cosmology
17 Feb 2011Phil Marshall (Oxford)Measuring Distances with Gravitational Lenses
10 Mar 2011Jiro Soda (Kyoto)Anisotropic Inflation and Statistical Anisotropy in the CMB
17 Mar 2011Philip Mauskopf (Cardiff)New technology for tracing the history of structure formation in the universe with mm-wave and far-infrared telescopes
07 Apr 2011Catherine Heymans (Edingburgh)Charting the Dark Universe with CFHTLenS
05 May 2011Levon Pogosian (Simon Fraser)Signatures of primordial magnetic fields in CMB
12 May 2011Sheila KannappanThe Dependence of Gas Richness and Disk Building on Galaxy Mass
19 May 2011Daniel Mortlock (Imperial)SEARCHING FOR REDSHIFT Z ~= 7 QUASARS WITH UKIDSS
25 May 2011Andrew Lyne (Manchester)Pulsars: Superb Cosmic Clocks for gravitation studies
26 May 2011Andrew Blain (Leicester University)TBA
02 Jun 2011Steven Gratton (Cambridge)Maximum Entropy Reasoning: From Cosmological Likelihood Functions to Quantum Field Theory
09 Jun 2011Alessandra Silvestri (MIT)Testing General Relativity
23 Jun 2011Hassan FirouzjahiDynamics of waterfall and curvature perturbations in hybrid
14 Jul 2011Stephane CourteauPuzzles in Galaxy Scaling Relations
15 Jul 2011Sarah Brough (AAO)GAMA: from little blue fuzzies to massive red monsters and beyond