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Theoretical Cosmology

Weekly meeting on the science of the ICG's Theoretical Cosmology Rolling Grant. A complete list of previous meetings is available here.

23 Jan 2013Thomas Sotiriou (SISSA)Black Holes as Gravity Laboratories
30 Jan 2013Toyokazu Sekiguchi (Nagoya)Non-Gaussianity in isocurvature perturbations
06 Feb 2013Furqaan YusafStructure Formation from Defect Interactions
13 Feb 2013Jonathan Frazer Predictions in Multifield Inflation
20 Feb 2013Francesco PaceJournal club
27 Feb 2013Gongbo ZhaoJournal club
06 Mar 2013Daniel Thomas and Francesco PaceJournal club
20 Mar 2013Tsz Yan LamStacked phase-space distribution around clusters: testing gravity and modelling
27 Mar 2013Christian FidlerSecond Order Non-Gaussianity --- SONG
17 Apr 2013Gongbo ZhaoWhat do we know about the dark universe -- A post-Planck report
24 Apr 2013Kazuya KoyamaEquivalence Principle Violation in Vainshtein Screened Two-Body Systems
08 May 2013Subodh Patil Heavy fields, Decoupling and the Effective theory of Inflation
15 May 2013Carlos HidalgoNewtonian, Relativistic and Primordial non--linear fluctuations in Lambda-CDM
22 May 2013Nima KhosraviEntropy-Area relation in Black-Holes
05 Jun 2013Jarah EvslinGiant Monopoles as a Dark Matter Candidate
12 Jun 2013Jérôme GleyzesThe Effective Field of Dark Energy
19 Jun 2013Rodrigo MaierNonlinear Resonance in Hořava-Lifshitz Bouncing Cosmologies
26 Jun 2013Shinji MukohyamaFrom configuration to dynamics
04 Jul 2013Cornelius RampfRelativistic initial conditions for cosmological structure formation
10 Jul 2013Dario Bettoni Disformal invariance of the Horndeski action: Theoretical aspects and an application to dark matter.
28 Aug 2013Ken-ichi NakaoA universe filled with Black Holes
12 Sep 2013 Anne Marie NziokiThe Regge-Wheeler equation for Schwarzschild spacetime in f(R) gravity
16 Sep 2013Yuki WatanabeGravitational particle production and non-Gaussianity in supergravity R^2 inflation
25 Sep 2013Navin SivanandamInitial Conditions for the Inflationary Wavefunction
02 Oct 2013Yuting WangInteracting vacuum energy after Planck
16 Oct 2013Valentina Salvatelli/Najla SaidNew constraints on interacting dark energy and modified gravity models from Planck/Constraints on Dark Radiation and Dark Energy
30 Oct 2013Francesco Pace Impact of primordial non-Gaussianity on hydrodynamical SZ simulations
20 Nov 2013Bridget FalckThe ORIGAMI Structures of the Universe
27 Nov 2013Rodrigo MaierBounded Scalar Perturbations in Bouncing Brane World Cosmologies
04 Dec 2013Nicola TamaniniExtensions of f(R) gravity and their applications in cosmology
15 Jan 2014Minas TsoukalasConformal gravity