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2013 ICG/SEPNet Student Outreach Award

The 2013 ICG/SEPnet Postgraduate Student Outreach Award has been awarded to Timothy Clemson, for significant effort in outreach activities during his time at ICG, especially for activities with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch of the British Science Association.

Timothy Clemson: Science busking for National Science and Engineering Week in March 2012Timothy Clemson: Science busking for National Science and Engineering Week in March 2012

EPSRC Grant to Study the Economics of Crowd-Sourcing

A team led by Dr. Joe Cox of the Portsmouth Business School, and including Dr. Karen Masters from the ICG as well as researchers from Oxford, Manchester and Leeds Universities, has won £750,000 from EPSRC to establish why people give up their time to help scientists with projects like Galaxy Zoo

Professor Will Percival's inaugural lecture

ICG's Professor Will Percival gave his inaugural lecture last week. He spoke about his work mapping the Universe using galaxy surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, as well as discussing if it would be possible to travel to these distant galaxies in the time that he has been a professional astronomer. A longer write-up is available on the University of Portsmouth website, and a video of the lecture is on vimeo.

Successful stargazing at Gunwharf Quays

ICG astronomers held a successful Astronomy in the City event at Gunwharf Quays last night as part of National Science and Engineering Week. About 60 passers-by were able to spot the Moon and Jupiter through gaps in the clouds using a variety of different telescopes, with the help of Emma Beynon, Edd Edmondson, Jen Gupta, Cullan Howlett, Karen Masters, Andreas Papadoupoulos and David Wilkinson.

Sandi Toksvig Visiting ICG

The Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth, Sandi Toksvig visited us at ICG today. She had coffee and a chat with several members of the ICG, particularly the PhD students who help a lot with our outreach activties. We showed her some of the activities we take out to schools and events, including a demonstration of the building blocks of the Universe (with lego), the thermal camera, CMB beach ball and SDSS plug plates.

Here's a few photos from her visit.

Exploring the "anti-lensing" effect

A new study, examining how galaxy images should appear distorted in the Universe, has been published by a team including ICG researchers: "Antilensing: the Bright Side of Voids", Krzysztof Bolejko, Chris Clarkson, Roy Maartens, David Bacon, Nikolai Meures, and Emma Beynon, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 021302.

Stargazing LIVE 2013 Event at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard a big success

Over 25 members of the ICG helped out last night when it was "all hands on deck" to run a BBC Stargazing LIVE 2013 Partner event on board HMS Warrior 1860 and in the Mary Rose Story at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Stargazing LIVE 2013 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.: Image Credit: Andreas PapadoupolousStargazing LIVE 2013 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.: Image Credit: Andreas Papadoupolous