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ICG Staff and Postgraduate Students Win Football League

Two ICG staff members and three ICG postgraduate students aided by Mathematics and Engineering staff members have won the University of Portsmouth staff football league title for the 1st time. "Pompey EMC" hope to repeat their success this season and have already reached the semi-final.

ICG member invited to the retirement celebration conference of brasilian professor who discovered galaxies hosting black-holes

ICG Dr. Claudia Maraston is invited to give a review talk on galaxy models at the conference celebrating prof. Miriani Pastoriza, http://www.astro.if.ufrgs.br/workshop/, a pioneer professor in Brasil whose early work led to the discovery that galaxies host supermassive black-holes. The original paper named "Peculiar nuclei in galaxies" was published in 1965 by the Astronomical society of the Pacific, see http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1965PASP…77..287S.

Science Grrl Calendar Launch Involved ICG Outreach Officer

Yesterday in London was the launch of the first Science Grrl Calendar Our new ICG Outreach Officer, Dr. Jen Gupta (who recently obtained her PhD studying distant galaxies with supermassive black holes in their centres from the University of Manchester) is featured in the calendar, and attended the opening event in London. Jen Gupta (standing behind bench), with Helen Arney, Sheila Kanani and Helen Keen.  </div>

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ICG researcher's models used in study of galaxies eating galaxies

ICG's Dr Claudia Maraston is part of a team, led by astronomers at the University of Utah, who have discovered that the centres of some of the biggest galaxies are growing denser. This indicates that these galaxies have formed through the collision and merging of massive galaxies, rather than through one massive galaxy consuming many smaller galaxies.

ICG featured in the Portsmouth News Lifestyle section

On Saturday October 6th, the Portsmouth News included a three page profile of the ICG in its Lifestyle section. The article included interviews with Marco Bruni, Rob Crittenden, Dominic Galliano and Karen Masters about their research and the outreach work of the ICG with local schools and beyond. There is also a nice photograph of them!

Meet a Cosmologist at Intech for World Space Week

All this week at the [http://www.intech-uk.com/news/?pid=1&nid=2&storyid=30 Intech Science Centre] near Winchester you can meet a cosmologist from ICG. Events are being held to celebrate World Space Week, with special school visits during the week, an "After Dark Event" just for adults this evening, and special events running for the public all weekend. World Space Week at IntechWorld Space Week at Intech Our new Outreach Officer, Dr.

Dr. Claudia Maraston Profiled on the New University of Portsmouth Women in SET blog

A [http://www.rkts.port.ac.uk/athenaswan/wordpress/?p=90 profile and interview with ICG member Dr. Claudia Maraston] appears this week on the new [http://www.rkts.port.ac.uk/athenaswan/wordpress/ University of Portsmouth Women in SET blog].