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Hana does "real" astronomy

ICG student Hana Schumacher is becoming a real astronomer by helping to build the LOFAR-UK antenna array (see www.lofar-uk.org) at Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire. As shown in the photos, Hana spent the last 2 days helping scientists at Chilbolton to lay cables in the ground in preparation for the 96 LOFAR antennas that will be installed the week of May 17-21 by an army of university volunteers. Hana hopes to use the LOFAR radio telescope for her thesis with Alejo Martinez-Sansigre to study the spin of supermassive black holes in distant galaxies. She follows in the tradition of other great radio astronomers of building their own telescopes to do their research. Hana laying cablesHana laying cables Hana hard at workHana hard at work Hana in actionHana in action Hana installing LOFARHana installing LOFAR