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New to Cosmology?

For a full listing of all recent and upcoming public outreach events by members of the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation see our
Outreach and Public Engagement Page

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Portsmouth runs several units in astronomy and cosmology, including
The Solar System, Stars & Galaxies, Life in the Universe and Stars, Black Holes & Cosmology, with links to the Hampshire Astronomical Group. 

There are several introductions to cosmology elsewhere on the WWW, such as:

and there are many, many more cosmological web sites listed at 'Galactic surf'.

Results and images from recent satellite missions are also available on the web:

  • Images from the Hubble Space Telescope can be seen in all their fantastic glory
  • The ESA Hipparcos satellite measured the three-dimensional positions of over 100,000 stars. (Described in a Scientific American article by Philip Morrison.)

There are several projects underway to map the anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background:

Recent observations of high-redshift supernovae appear to show that the universe is accelerating as it expands.

This was named by Science magazine as the Science 'Breakthrough of the Year 1998', and led to the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2011.