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IAU Symposium on galaxies organised by the ICG

Daniel Thomas, together with Anna Pasquali (Heidelberg) and Ignacio Ferreras (UCL), was awarded the organisation of the IAU Symposium S295, ‘The intriguing life of massive galaxies’, to be held during the IAU General Assembly in Beijing, China, in August 2012. The main criteria have been scientific excellence, but also, for the General Assembly, paying attention to diversity of topics, avoiding redundancy between scientific areas, and keeping in mind recent IAU Symposia. The IAU selection committee commented that 'Given the overall quality of the proposals, and in view of the unusually high pressure, the decisions were difficult to take, in particular as regards the Symposia (26 proposals).'. The list of the eight selected Symposia to be held during the General Assembly is provided on http://www.iau.org/science/news/128. Summer 2012 is the right time for an IAU Symposium dedicated to the formation and evolution of massive galaxies. After the overwhelming progress in galaxy evolution over the past decade, recent and near-future advances in telescope technology and computer power for large-scale simulations, as well as the launch of massive galaxy surveys, will lead to a significant leap in our understanding of galaxy formation within the next few years. The aim of the IAU Symposium S295 is bringing together observers and theorists to discuss such recent progress in the field and to plan ahead for future challenges.