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ICG Members to be at BBC Stargazing LIVE at the Spinnaker Tower, Jan 17th 2012

ICG members will take part in the BBC Stargazing LIVE event happening at the Spinnaker Tower on Tuesday 17th January 2012. Please see the [http://www.bbc.co.uk/thingstodo/activity/bbc-stargazing-live/occurrence/53059 | BBC Things to Do entry] for details on obtaining tickets to attend events up the tower. ICG members will also be involved in free events open to everyone which are happening in the ground floor cafe and foyer area of the tower. Spinnaker at nightSpinnaker at night ICG supported activities will include: * Up the tower: mini-talks on Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Birth of the Universe and Galaxies; and (along with PGS students) a explanation of the scale of the solar system and comparisons to known exoplanet systems. * Foyer and Cafe: comet making demonstrations, hands on space activities, "rocks from space", Ask a Cosmologist bar, and (along with PGS students) hands on physics experiments.