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Astronomy in the City for BBC Stargazing LIVE: A success on Thursday, but too cloudy tonight (Friday)

Observing Jupiter from Gunwharf QuaysObserving Jupiter from Gunwharf Quays ICG members Edd Edmondson, David Wilkinson and Karen Masters (with help from Andreas Papadoupoulos, Chris D'Andrea and Christian Fidler) brought "Astronomy in the City" to passers by in Gunwharf Quays last night, getting great views of Jupiter and Venus peeking through the clouds, and spotting several artificial satellites in orbit. In total more than 60 members of the public (including several children and one keen future astronaut) took part in the event in which we gave away free BBC StargazingLIVE Star and Moon guides. Unfortunately the weather is not as good tonight, and we are cancelling this evening's session. We will be back tomorrow (Saturday) should the weather be kinder to us - watch this space.