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ICG Member Anna Kapinska Interviewed on the LOFAR Special Edition of the Jodcast

One of ICGs newest members - postdoc Anna Kapinska was interviewed by the Jodcast team when they visited Chilbolton to help with the LOFAR-UK repairs last month. The [http://www.jodcast.net/archive/201203/ special LOFAR themed edition of the Jodcast is now available to listen]. Anna talks about radio galaxies and active galactic nuclei with the Jodcast. She mentions the black holes in the centre of these galaxies, the jets being created and the lobes which can be observed. Similar jets to these may be produced in stellar-mass black holes, and Anna talks about the benefits of observing these objects. Anna also talks about the peculiar object SS433, which has a very interesting structure. She also talks about her newer work with LOFAR, automating imaging with the array in collaboration with The University of Bonn. Jodcast LogoJodcast Logo