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I'm an ICG Scientist, Get me out of here!

I'm a ScientistI'm a Scientist ICG member Dr. Karen Masters will participate in the Wellcome Trust/Institute of Physics funded "Space Zone" of the popular "I'm a Scientist, Get Me out of here" project for the next two weeks. Karen will participate in live chats with school children from all over the country, who will also have the chance to ask questions about space and science in general. During the second week, the students will vote on their favourite from the 5 scientists in the zone, and the scientist with the least votes will be "eliminated" each day. SpaceZoneScientists If Karen wins she will get £500 to spend on scientific outreach. Karen suggests she will use half of it to buy a telescope to use for ICGs "Astronomy in the City" events, and the other half to buy model solar systems to leave behind after school visits. [http://spacem12.imascientist.org.uk/profile Karen's profile] (including a list of all answered questions) from the I'm a Scientist website.