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Astronomy in the City for National Science and Engineering Week

ICG scientists will run another of the popular "Astronomy in the City" events on the Gunwharf Plaza 6.30-8pm on Thursday 15th March 2012. This is in support of National Science and Engineering Week, and in addition coincides with a close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter (at their closest separation and the same Right Ascension on this date (e.g. see [http://earthsky.org/tonight/best-venusjupiter-conjunction-in-years-mid-march-2012 Best Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in Years]). Astronomy in the City 15th March 2012Astronomy in the City 15th March 2012 Details of the event are listed on the [http://www.bbc.co.uk/thingstodo/activity/astronomy-in-the-city BBC Things to Do site]. This will be cancelled in the event of poor or cloudy weather (updates will appear on this website). Currently (5pm) the weather looks poor, but we haven't totally given up the idea. UPDATE: At 5:30pm cloud cover is still looking bad. It seems we'll have to cancel today, sorry!