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ICG led "Cosmic Science Day" at Portsmouth Grammar School reaches over 300 people.

On Monday 12th March 2012, ICG scientists worked with teachers from Portsmouth Grammar, and our SEPnet partners in Southampton running the Soton Astrodome to lead a special "Cosmic Science Day" in celebration of National Science and Engineering Week. Welcome to Cosmic Science DayWelcome to Cosmic Science Day In total over 300 people were involved in the day, from 9 year olds to adults which was hosted in the new Science Centre on the PGS grounds. The main event was the Cosmology Masterclass run for local A-level students in support of the cosmology material on the Physics A-level. More than 50 students from all over the city (PGS, Portsmouth College, South Downs College and Farnborough College of Technology) attended a lecture in cosmology given by ICGs Dr. Claudia Maraston, and also had the chance to watch a specially developed cosmology themed A-level planetarium show in the Astrodome (given by Dr. Sadie Jones from Southampton). The Astrodome just squeezed into the foyerThe Astrodome just squeezed into the foyer In the morning the Soton Astrodome also ran planetarium shows for all Year 7 pupils from PGS (150 11-12 yr olds), and squeezed in two sessions for all 50 Year 5 pupils (9-10 yr olds) from neighbouring St Judes Primary School while the A-level student were busy listening to their lecture. Edd and Andreas set up to observe Venus and Jupiter at PGSEdd and Andreas set up to observe Venus and Jupiter at PGS The learning didn't stop with the afternoon. In the evening Prof. Bob Nichol gave a public lecture on "The 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics" to a packed audience of 140 members of the public. Those arriving early had the chance to watch a planetarium show, and to observe the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus before going into the lecture. An attentive audience listening to BobAn attentive audience listening to Bob Much thanks is due to all ICG scientists who helped with the day (Claudia, Bob, Ashley, Lado, Marc, Edd, Andreas and Karen) which we hope to repeat again next year. This event was the subject of a [http://www.port.ac.uk/departments/faculties/facultyoftechnology/latestnews/title,151469,en.html University Press release], which also ran on the [http://www.aboutmyarea.co.uk/Hampshire/Portsmouth/PO6/News/Local-News/217600-Cosmic-Science-Day-For-School-Pupils News section of About Portsmouth], and in [http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/education/national-science-week-starts-with-a-bang-in-portsmouth-1-3606715 The News]. A photographer from The News was present for part of the day - a short article with an image from that also appeared in [http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/education/out-of-this-world-1-3625707| The News].