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ICG Computing guide

This page is under construction, and the old version can be found here:

There are two computing environments available in the ICG: a windows network supported by the university's Information Services (IS) and a Linux network supported by group members. Our goal is that all users have access to both networks; unfortunately, given the reaction time for the university system, short term visitors may only be able to use the Linux network.

This document is primarily aimed at users of the Linux network. The primary trouble shooting of the Windows network should be done by IS, though if they are slow to react, then we can become involved. The primary contact points for reporting problems are:

IS service desk: servicedesk@port.ac.uk, x 3265

The Linux administration in principle is shared between an IS Linux expert, a local scientific computing expert and the stafff member with the computing portfolio. However, only a fraction of our time is available for these administration tasks. The default way to report problems is to email us at:

ICG Unix help: icg-help@port.ac.uk

If you find a serious problem which you think requires our immediate attention, please let us know. If your problem is less urgent, it is better to send an email and we'll try to respond when we have time. Remember that we are all primarily concerned with research, and constant interuptions on computing issues can make it difficult to focus on our own work.

ICG Data help: icg-data@port.ac.uk

The ICG now has Edd Edmondson to support scientific computing needs - icg-data is goes to him only and is ideal for issues such as the following (not an exclusive list, but intended to give you an idea of the remit):
* you want access to the data available to the ICG and you are unsure of where to look, which data you need or how to use it (e.g. from SDSS or UKIDSS)
* you want help getting access to and adapting programs to run on COSMOS
* you want assistance using any in-house scientific computing facilities (castor and pollux)
* you have difficulties getting any piece of science software working

icg-data goes directly into a tracking system so you'll get an autoresponse. If you happen to contact Edd directly, by phone, email or
just popping your head round the door, he is likely to put a request into it so you will likely get an autoresponse by email then as well. This just means he has your request noted along with any others at the time and can track its progression. If you email again about the issue, it helps a lot if you reply to that autoresponse to keep all the information on it together.

You should not worry unduly about asking for help from the right address - both icg- addresses are read by Edd and he can send anything on to the right place, but it will be easier to manage if things go in the right direction at the start!

Edd also takes care of the webpages and is the person to speak to if you wish to set up your own.

Useful Links
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Setting up your personal webpage
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Information Sevices Links
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