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Meet a Cosmologist at Intech for World Space Week

All this week at the [http://www.intech-uk.com/news/?pid=1&nid=2&storyid=30 Intech Science Centre] near Winchester you can meet a cosmologist from ICG. Events are being held to celebrate World Space Week, with special school visits during the week, an "After Dark Event" just for adults this evening, and special events running for the public all weekend. World Space Week at IntechWorld Space Week at Intech Our new Outreach Officer, Dr. Jen Gupta will be there every day with help from Andreas Papadopoulos, David Wilkinson, Dominic Galliano, Edward Edmondson , Timothy Clemson and Karen Masters on different days. Jen Gupta, World Space WeekJen Gupta, World Space Week Along with our SEPNet colleague from the University of Southampton we're running stand were visitors can learn about multiwavelength astronomy. For example they can find out how to split light into a rainbow using a CD and toilet roll, can look at themselves and galaxies in the infrared, learn about the LOFAR radio telescope, and even about detecting dark matter. Thermal Emission Camera ViewThermal Emission Camera View Hope to see you there.