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Stargazing LIVE 2013 Event at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard a big success

Over 25 members of the ICG helped out last night when it was "all hands on deck" to run a BBC Stargazing LIVE 2013 Partner event on board HMS Warrior 1860 and in the Mary Rose Story at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Stargazing LIVE 2013 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.: Image Credit: Andreas PapadoupolousStargazing LIVE 2013 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.: Image Credit: Andreas Papadoupolous

ICG collaborated with the HMS Warrior 1860 and Mary Rose Trust education teams, the Hampshire Astronomical Group, physics ambassadors from Portsmouth Grammar School>
, the Portsmouth undergraduate physics society and the Hampshire branch of the British Science Association to run this event.

Rita Tojeiro making a comet on the Cable Deck of HMS Warrior 1860.: Image Credit: Andreas PapadoupolousRita Tojeiro making a comet on the Cable Deck of HMS Warrior 1860.: Image Credit: Andreas Papadoupolous

You can read about it in the Portsmouth News, and on the University News Page.

Several photos from the event are posted on the ICG Facebook page.

Here is some early feedback from visitors:

It was a brilliant venue and we all really enjoyed it. I know a lot of work will have gone into putting the whole thing together and just wanted you all to know your hard work paid off and is apreciated.

Thanks again for everything and a giant well done to you all for making so many enjoy the evening. Just a shame it rained and was cloudy but we can't have it all eh?! :)

we had a fun evening and learned something new(everyday is a schoolday!) might even concider doing a course in natural science for newbies. thanks once again. jo

I just thought I'd pop a short email over to say how much I enjoyed yesterday's event. Shame about the cloud....

My daughter (11 years old) and I attended the Stargazing event last night and just wanted to send a quick EMAIL to thank all involved for a wonderful and inspiring evening.

It was a shame the weather didn't play ball and skies were cloudy, but really there was so much to keep us occupied and the age-relevant activities were great, so this really didn't matter.

Massive thanks to everyone involved, I'm sure the event takes a lot of organising but the venue was superb and the enthusiasm of the experts was fantastic in bringing the topic alive.

Some tweets:

James Thomas @jimbobthomas
Huge amount of fun tonight on HMS Warrior: thank you to@jen_gupta @KarenLMasters@maricarjagger &@portsmouthdockyard !

Jack Pitts @Jack_Pitts
Enjoyed tonight's stargazing event aboard HMS Warrior despite poor weather. Demonstation of building an actual comet by ICG was brilliant.

Zoé de Kerangat @zoedk
Back from the #stargazingliveevent @PompeyDockyard : really nice, too bad it was cloudy/raining, but it has definitely aroused my interest!

louise carter @jollyjesters77
@TeamLocals@PompeyDockyard #stargazing. Yep!! Cant wait. Group of 7 with me this eve. Astronomy & historical Portsmouth together, BONUS!