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Year 9 student spends half-term at the ICG as a learner scientist

Benjamin Taylor, a year-9 student at Chichester high school for boys, was on placement at the ICG the whole half-term week and was very busy with several different projects. He learnt about Galaxy Zoo, he visited the Sciama supercomputer (see picture, with PhD students David Wilkinson and Claire Le Cras), he discussed science and started to read professional articles. Finally, he was engaged in creating a power point presentation where he listed all questions a young student has on Cosmology and Astrophysics. He was assisted by PhD student David Wilkinson and Dr. Claudia Maraston (see picture on the balcony of the ICG, also with prof. David Wands, Head of Department, Claudia Maraston and Claire Le Cras). Ben professed his intention to become a space scientist and we bet on him!

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