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A visit from space: a new educational outreach activity from the ICG

Claudia Maraston and Daniel Thomas assisted by ICG members Jen Gupta, Emma Beynon, David Wilkinson and Edd Edmondson, have launched a new educational outreach activity for local primary schools. This programme called "A Visit from Space" will bring scientists into the classroom, making it easier for schools to access the resources and expertise of the ICG, and consists of a full morning of space activities for key stage 2 children (years 3-6). It starts with a lecture on astronomy, followed by interactive activities, such as inflatable planets, Galaxy Zoo and the thermal camera. The first school visited was St. Swithun's Catholic Primary School in Southsea on 11 June with an involvement of 90 pupils and the response and feedback from teachers and students has been absolutely enthusiastic. Starting from October 2013, "A Visit from Space" will go into schools in Portsmouth and vicinities on a regular basis. Please contact the ICG Outreach Officer, Jen Gupta, on jennifer.gupta@port.ac.uk if you would like to book A Visit from Space.

Happy pupils with space scientistsHappy pupils with space scientists