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Fellowships at the ICG

The ICG welcomes candidates interested in applying for research fellowships to be held in Portsmouth. A variety of potential fellowships are available, including Royal Society University Research Fellowships, Ernest Rutherford Fellowships (STFC), Marie Curie (EU) fellowships, and possibly national fellowships from the candidate's country of origin.

Expressions of interest for fellowships should be addressed to an ICG staff member with a connection to the proposed research; CV's and research proposals should be sent to icg-admin@port.ac.uk as soon as possible, and at minimum more than one month before the relevant deadline. Our internal deadline for expressing interest for the Rutherford fellowships is 5 August 2013.

Royal Society University Research Fellowships are initially five year fellowships open to citizens of the European Economic Area or Switzerland. The closing deadline will be early September 2013. The Royal Society also offers the Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship (maximum four years) for candidates with a need for flexible support, and Newton International Fellowships (two years) for early stage international (non-UK) researchers.


The Ernest Rutherford Fellowships are five year fellowships funded by the STFC, replacing their Advanced Fellowships scheme. They are open to candidates of any nationality, but each institution is strictly limited in their total number of applicants. The ICG will review potential applicants' CVs and research proposals to determine the candidates it will be supporting. The STFC deadline is 26 September 2013, and our internal deadline for expressing interest (with CV's and preliminary research proposals) is 5 August 2013.


The Marie Curie (FP7) scheme includes Career Integration Grants (CIG) that are designed to support researchers in the first steps of their European research career and to attain lasting professional integration in the European Research Area. By providing researchers with a substantial research budget, the action is intended to improve considerably their prospects for long term integration, thus contributing to the success of their research career. The deadline is 18 September 2013.

Other Marie Curie actions include the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships and International Incoming Fellowships. The deadline for these is 14 August 2013.