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Tenth Data Release from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey III is happy to announce Data Release 10.

DR10 BOSS Sky Coverage.DR10 BOSS Sky Coverage.

DR10 includes hundreds of thousands of new galaxy and quasar spectra from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), which ICG members have been heavily involved in, and in addition to all imaging and spectra from prior SDSS data releases.

This release also features the first spectra from the APOGEE IR spectrograph, which is a 300-fiber, R~22,500, spectrograph covering 1.5-1.7 microns. It is being used to observe stars in the Milky Way galaxy to reconstruct the assembly history of the Milky Way through detailed measurements of stellar parameters, elemental abundances, and radial velocities.

DR10 introduces:

178,397 new APOGEE spectra of 59,609 stars
684,300 new BOSS spectra, including:
* 424,417 new BOSS galaxy spectra
* 84,038 new BOSS quasar spectra

Finally, included in the DR10 data release on the SQL server casjobs are detailed morphological classifications for 304,122 SDSS galaxies obtained via the Galaxy Zoo project, which ICG members are also involved with.

The DR10 paper is on today's arXiv and includes as co-authors 10 ICG members, in alphabetical order (as in the author list): Edward Edmondson, Marc Manera, Claudia Maraston, Karen Masters, Robert Nichol, Will Percival, Matt Pieri, Ashley Ross, Daniel Thomas and Rita Tojeiro.