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First outing for University of Portsmouth Astrodome

The Astrodome on its first outingThe Astrodome on its first outing

Today was a special day for ICG Outreach. Our new University of Portsmouth, ICG Astrodome had its first school outing.

Jen Gupta and Karen Masters took the dome to Portsmouth Grammar School to participate in their "Bright Sparks" Day. This event, run for the first time this year, brings gifted and talented children from years 2 and 4 to PGS for a day of curriculum enhancement activities. The year 4 group, consisting of 4 children from each of 9 primary schools across Portsmouth (including St Georges, St Judes, Cottage Grove, Windmore, Charles Dickens and others) and their teachers all enjoyed a dome show as part of their day.

Furthermore, both classes of Year 1 children from neighbouring St Judes Primary School also visited in the dome as part of their Space Themed activites this half term. They enjoyed a special short show for very young children, and will be getting a visit from David Bacon and Lado Samushia later in the term to learn more about space.