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General Relativity

  • PhD core course
  • Lecturer: Francesco Pace
  • Dates: 05/07/09 November 2012, 2.30-4.00pm


  • Dennis Sciama Building, room 2.08


  • Part A: 1) Geodesic motion in Minkowski space, Equivalence principle. 2) Differential geometry 3) Covariant derivative and Curvature
  • Part B: 4) Dynamics of test particles: geodesic equation and geodesic deviation equation. 5) Dynamics of space-time: Einstein Field equations equations, Conservation equations, weak field regime and Newtonian limit. Gravitational waves.
  • Part C: 6) Variational approach: Einstein-Hilbert action, and f(R) theories 7) Solutions of EFE: Killing vectors. Schwartzschild (and Kerr) solution, FL solution (and Bianchi solutions), LTB solution.

Lecture overheads

Will be attached soon.