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Summer Research With the Nuffield Science Bursery Scheme

This summer, A-level student Tim Buckman from [http://www.pgs.org.uk/ Portsmouth Grammar School] spent 6 weeks working at ICG through the [http://www.nuffieldfoundation.org/science-bursaries-schools-and-colleges Nuffield Science Bursery Scheme]. He worked with ICG member Karen Masters on a project using Galaxy Zoo classifications to identify galaxies which look like our own Milky Way.

ICG at COSMO-11 in Porto

The ICG sent a large contingent of students, postdocs and staff (10 in total) to the COSMO-11 meeting on particle astrophysics and cosmology, held this year in Porto, Portugal. Topics at the meeting included inflation, modified gravity, dark energy and dark matter, and current and future experiments for cosmology. In between sessions, people had a chance to enjoy the city of Porto and its food (and drink!), taking a tour on the river and enjoying a banquet and port at Taylor's Cellars.

UK Cosmo and Superstrings meetings in Portsmouth

The next UK Particle Cosmology Meeting, to be held at the Institute for Cosmology and Gravitation, Portsmouth, 13-14 September 2011. The meeting is preceded by a one-day meeting on Cosmic SuperStrings, 12 September, and followed by an informal Workshop on Theoretical Cosmology, 15-23 September. Information can be found at the webpage: http://www.icg.port.ac.uk/cosmo2011/ where you can register to attend the events. We can accommodate at most 50 external participants in our lecture room. Participation will be granted in a first come first served basis, so please register soon.

ICG PhDs return for Graduation Ceremony

Today the University held its graduation ceremony for the ICG, and a number of students returned to pick up their PhD's. Taking part in the ceremony were Dr Hooshyar Assadullahi, Dr Jim Cresswell, Dr Kelly Nock, and Dr Prina Patel. Pictured below with their PhD supervisors David Bacon, Will Percival and David Wands. Not attending, but also honored was Dr Fabio Silva. The degrees were presented by Bob Nichol. Also attending the ceremony was Lord Martin Rees of Ludow, Astronomer Royal, who picked up an honorary degree from the University. (See separate story.)

ICG at Portsmouth festivities

This year's Portsmouth festivities were a great success. From Aliens to Astronauts and Classics to the Cosmos, this year the festivities have reached for the skies to celebrate Portsmouth: Space City. Inspired by the city’s motto Heaven’s Light Our Guide thousands have joined to mark Portsmouth’s role as a centre of excellence for cosmology, astronomy and space technology.

DES meeting photos

The ICG was hosting a very successful DES collaboration meeting last week. A collection of pictures (many thanks to Marco and Rob!) is now on http://www.icg.port.ac.uk/des2011/Photos.html The photos can be downloaded from the web page, either as a zipped folder containing everything, clicking on "download" at the top of the black page, or - after selecting a specific photo - clicking download from under the picture. You can also upload your own photos of the meeting! As a sneak preview three randomly selected examples are attached.

Research Computing Colloquium

On the 18th May the ICG hosted a Research Computing Colloquium sponsored by Dell and Alces Software. Delegates from the ICG, the University of Portsmouth and further a field enjoyed a day of lectures centred around getting the most out of High Performance Computing. Research Computing ColloquiumResearch Computing Colloquium

ICG involved in Portsmouth Festivities "Space City"

Several ICG members are involved in this summers Portsmouth Festivities "Space City". Details of all the activities can be found at http://www.portsmouthfestivities.co.uk/

Pencasting ICG research

ICG researcher Karen Masters experimented with "Pencasting" at the recent .dotAstronomy conference held in Oxford, producing a short Pencast on her recent research results using Galaxy Zoo classifications:

Galaxy Zoo brought to you by Livescribe

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