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No evidence for 'downsizing'

A new study co-authored by ICG-member Alejo Martinez-Sansigre has found no evidence for 'downsizing' amongst galaxies.

The Universe at its smallest scales

Claudia Maraston joins the RESOLVE project, http://resolve.astro.unc.edu. RESOLVE is an international collaboration devoted to study structures on the smallest scales, from dwarf galaxies to filaments and voids. The science drivers include the study of the "missing baryon" and the satellite problem, related to the Lambda-CDM Universe as well as dynamical problems such as disks building/stability, interplay between gas and stars, etc. The group collects expertise on both observations as well as theoretical modelling of galaxies and structures.

ICG members at World Space Week at Intech

A number of ICG members have been spending time this week at the [http://www.intech-uk.com/ INTECH Science Centre and Planetarium] along with the local branch of the [http://www.britishscienceassociation.org/web/ British Science Association] to participate in [http://www.worldspaceweek.org/ World Space Week]. http://twitpic.com/show/thumb/2v6cvc.jpg ICG member Edd Edmondson demonstrating our CD spectroscope. Come along to pick up instructions, and try to decode the spectrum of a CFL.

'Very first light' at Cafe Scientifique

On October 26th, Robert Crittenden will be talking about the Universe at Portsmouth's Cafe Scientifique, and in particular about the very first light, also known as the cosmic microwave background. This light is radiation left over from the big bang, and is one of our most useful tools for finding out how our Universe came to be. The Portsmouth Cafe Scientifique meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month in Le Cafe Parisien, 1 Lord Montgomery Way, from 8-10 PM.

ICG participates in World Space Week

A number of ICG members will be participating in [http://www.worldspaceweek.org/ World Space Week], taking place from October 4th to 10th.

Video tour of LOFAR's Chilbolton station

In this You Tube video released yesterday, ICG members Alejo Sansigre-Martinez and Karen Masters give a tour of the recently installed LOFAR station at Chilbolton.

See also the LOFAR UK blog.

"Our place in the Universe" - public lecture and planetarium show

ICG member Rita Tojeiro is giving a talk and planetarium show on Thursday 19th August entitled Our place in the Universe.

International conference at ICG

Claudia Maraston, assisted by PhD students Jonas Johansson and Janine Pforr, and in collaboration with Emanuele Daddi (CEA-Saclay) are organising a mini-conference of two days on galaxy evolution focussed in particular on the high-redshift Universe. The conference will take place on September 2-3 at the ICG and will be the occasion of celebrating the 70-th birthday of Prof. Alvio Renzini (University of Padova). Participation is by invitation only and includes scientists having an ongoing working collaboration with Alvio.

It's hard to eavesdrop on extraterrestrial intelligences

Bob Nichol and Duncan Forgan recently published a paper on the probability of eavesdropping on human-like extraterrestrial intelligences. Unfortunately, the chances are only one in ten million even with an SKA-like radio telescope (probably about the same as winning the lottery).

ICG researchers help build part of worlds largest telescope

Staff, postdocs and students at the ICG were instrumental in building part of the worlds largest telescope at Chilbolton Observatory. In just 4 days, ICG members helped construct 96 Low Band Antennas (LBAs) which will now be linked to similar stations across europe to synthesis a massive new telescope called LOFAR. For all the latest news and events, see http://www.lofar-uk.org/

The construction received considerable media coverage. A selection of stories is given below:

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