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Another success for our Royal Society exchange program with South Africa

Capetown MSc student Jean Claude Kubwimana has just completed a successful three-month visit to the ICG, working with David Bacon on gravitational lensing at radio wavelengths. Jean Claude has been pioneering efforts to measure the slight magnification of distant radio galaxies, caused by the gravity of galaxies closer to us. His work is of great importance for the new LOFAR and KAT radio telescopes, as he has been developing the necessary techniques to measure the magnification effect.

Unity of the Universe presentations online

Following the recent Unity of the Universe conference, the presentations from many of the talks given are now available on the conference website.

Many thanks to all the participants for joining us in Portsmouth.

Gravity essay on inflation in early universe

Shanki Subramaniam, Marie Curie research fellow in the ICG, has received an honourable mention in the 2009 Gravity Foundation competition for his essay on inflation in the early universe driven by a spinor condensate.

ICG and Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in collaboration

During the two weeks following Easter, ICG members Kazuya Koyama, Marco Bruni, Rob Crittenden and Roy Maartens visited the prestigious Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Kyoto. The reason for this visit en-masse was a workshop on Non-Linear Cosmological Perturbations, co-organised by Dr. Koyama of ICG - thanks to a Royal Society grant for collaboration between the two institutes - and Professor Misao Sasaki and Takahiro Tanaka of YITP.

ICG members coauthor letter to Nature on the early assembly of the most massive galaxies

ICG PhD student Ben Hoyle and Professor Bob Nichol have cowritten a letter to Nature with academics from institutions worldwide on the subject of the early assembly of the most massive galaxies.

Galaxy Zoo meets Google Earth

University of Portsmouth PhD student, Ben Hoyle, who is also a Galaxy Zoo Research Associate, has created tours of galaxies classified by
members of the public using Galaxy Zoo. The tours run in Google Earth, and have dedicated audio from experts at the ICG, who talk about their current research using the Galaxy Zoo classification data. To get hold of the tours you will need to register with Galaxy Zoo and classify 100 galaxies.

The Dennis Sciama Building

The ICG has moved to a new home in the Dennis Sciama Building, as shown below: The Dennis Sciama BuildingThe Dennis Sciama Building

Approval and launch of the SERVS NASA mission

Claudia Maraston of the ICG is co-I in an international space mission called "SERVS: the Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey", funded by NASA and using the near-infrared space detector Spitzer Space Telescope with operational center in Pasadena.

The mission will survey a total of 18 square degrees of sky and will simultaneously use other large telescopes in the world such as Herschel. The main science goal is to understand the joint evolution of the most massive galaxies and their central black-holes as a function of cosmic time.

ICG wins Royal Society joint project with Kyoto University

The ICG has been awarded a joint project grant from the Royal Society. This is a joint project between the ICG (PI: Dr. Kazuya Koyama) and Yukawa Institute for theoretical physics at Kyoto University in Japan (PI: Prof. Misao Sasaki). This grant will strengthen existing collaborations between ICG staff and Japanese scientists on ‘non-linear cosmological perturbations’.

ICG building nears completion

Work on the new ICG building is progressing well, as can be seen from this recent photo.ICG Building Oct '08ICG Building Oct '08
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