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ICG on the rise

Construction of the ICG's new home is well under way. The institute will take over the whole top floor of this building when it is completed, with the remainder devoted to additional teaching space and student amenities. The provision of this new home is a clear expression of the university's support for the ICG, and reflects the institute's increasingly impressive international reputation.

Dynamics of Spin Exhibition goes to India

Spinning a hard-boiled egg on a tabletop could help unlock the mysteries of Earth’s weather, according to a mathematician at the University of Portsmouth who has been invited to take part in Asia’s biggest science fair this month. [http://www.port.ac.uk/aboutus/newsandevents/frontpagenews/title,74333,en.html Find out more!]

ICG research featured in NGS newsletter

Research by student Helen Xiang into astronomical databases has been featured in the National Grid Service's newsletter (page 4). Helen's research involved transferring almost 2 terabytes of SDSS data to NGS systems in Manchester, and querying the resulting database jointly with data held elsewhere.

ICG help with new corrector for the Dark Energy Survey

Glass blanks for the optical corrector for the Dark Energy Survey (DES) have now been delivered. These blanks, pictured below, were partially funded with SRIF3 at the University of Portsmouth, and will next be ground and polished into lenses and installed into the DES camera (DECam). The survey will begin operations in 2011.
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