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Portsmouth wins £2million in new research grants

ICG researchers have been awarded £2million in two major new grants.

Over €2million has been won by Will Percival for his research into dark energy and the growth of large-scale structure in our universe. The award from the European Research Council will support a team of researchers including two postdoctoral researchers and several graduate students over a five year period. This new "consolidator" grant from the ERC follows on from Will's previous successful ERC starting grant, 2008-13.

Research Development Funding Award of the University of Portsmouth to ICG researcher

Claudia Maraston of the ICG has been awarded an RDF Grant of the University of Portsmouth as PI of a project entitled ‘‘Establishing leading roles in the major space science projects of the next decade: the Extremely Large Telescope and EUCLID".

ICG Research Fellow Short-listed for Award Promoting Women in Science

Dr Karen Masters, a Research Fellow in the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, was short-listed for a prestigious Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Excellence award (http://www.theukrc.org/news-and-events/the-2012-wise-awards). This award recognises inspiring organisations and individual women demonstrating a high level of commitment to their chosen profession and to actively promoting science, engineering and construction to girls and young women.

Dr. Masters at the WISE Awards Event in London YesterdayDr. Masters at the WISE Awards Event in London Yesterday

Mat Pieri wins Marie Curie Fellowship

Mat Pieri has won a prestigious 2-year Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship, which he will take up at the ICG in September 2012. The title of his project is "Mining for Metals in a Massive Spectroscopic Survey of the Intergalactic Medium", and Mat will focus on analyzing the quasar sample in the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey, a part of SDSS-III. The paperwork for this fellowship has been in the pipeline for some time, but we can now formally announce the fellowship. Many congratulations to Mat on this achievement.

IAU Symposium on galaxies organised by the ICG

Daniel Thomas, together with Anna Pasquali (Heidelberg) and Ignacio Ferreras (UCL), was awarded the organisation of the IAU Symposium S295, ‘The intriguing life of massive galaxies’, to be held during the IAU General Assembly in Beijing, China, in August 2012. The main criteria have been scientific excellence, but also, for the General Assembly, paying attention to diversity of topics, avoiding redundancy between scientific areas, and keeping in mind recent IAU Symposia. The IAU selection committee commented that 'Given the overall quality of the proposals, and in view of the unusually high pressure, the decisions were difficult to take, in particular as regards the Symposia (26 proposals).'. The list of the eight selected Symposia to be held during the General Assembly is provided on http://www.iau.org/science/news/128.

ICG will host prestigious Spanish Fellowship

Dr. Alberto Rozas Fernàndez will join ICG in October, to work on a Dark Energy project with Marco Bruni and other members of ICG. On the basis of this project with Marco, Alberto has been awarded a prestigious Spanish fellowship by the "Fundación Ramón Areces" (/www.fundacionareces.es/). Ramón Areces was a wealthy man and the founder of the most  famous Spanish department stores: "El Corte Inglés". The Foundation promotes scientific activities through postdoctoral fellowships, conferences, etc... This fellowship is very difficult to get.

Gravity essay “Can the graviton have a mass?”

Kazuya Koyama, Gustavo Niz and Gianmassimo Tasinato have received an honourable mention in the 2011 Gravity Foundation competition for their essay entitled “Can the graviton have a mass?” http://gravityresearchfoundation.org/

Claudia Maraston awarded Academia San Marco price

Claudia Maraston was awarded the Academia San Marco Price 2011 on April, 25th. The award - given by an Italian Academia Society - is reserved to citizens of the province of Pordenone - Friuli Venezia-Giulia who - thanks to their successful career path - give honour to their region of residence. See article (in Italian): http://ricerca.gelocal.it/messaggeroveneto/archivio/messaggeroveneto/2011/04/20/PN_21_01.html

Portsmouth-Kyoto researchers accept award at Royal Society

Researchers from Kyoto and Portsmouth universities attended an award ceremony at the Royal Society, London, on Thursday 2nd December.

Platinum award for summer student

Portsmouth Grammar School student Eoin Martyn has been awarded an Exscitec Platinum Award for his summer project working on inflationary cosmology. Eoin spent six weeks working in the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth supported by a Nuffield Foundation Science Bursary.
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