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A visit from space: a new educational outreach activity from the ICG

Claudia Maraston and Daniel Thomas assisted by ICG members Jen Gupta, Emma Beynon, David Wilkinson and Edd Edmondson, have launched a new educational outreach activity for local primary schools. This programme called "A Visit from Space" will bring scientists into the classroom, making it easier for schools to access the resources and expertise of the ICG, and consists of a full morning of space activities for key stage 2 children (years 3-6). It starts with a lecture on astronomy, followed by interactive activities, such as inflatable planets, Galaxy Zoo and the thermal camera.

ICG members inspire A-level students at the Cosmology Masterclass

Around 50 A-level students from Portsmouth and beyond visited the University of Portsmouth yesterday (20 June) to attend the 2013 Cosmology Masterclass hosted by the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation.

Year 9 student spends half-term at the ICG as a learner scientist

Benjamin Taylor, a year-9 student at Chichester high school for boys, was on placement at the ICG the whole half-term week and was very busy with several different projects. He learnt about Galaxy Zoo, he visited the Sciama supercomputer (see picture, with PhD students David Wilkinson and Claire Le Cras), he discussed science and started to read professional articles. Finally, he was engaged in creating a power point presentation where he listed all questions a young student has on Cosmology and Astrophysics. He was assisted by PhD student David Wilkinson and Dr.

ICG researcher talks at the British Astronomical Society

Claudia Maraston gave a talk on Saturday, 27 at a meeting of the British Astronomical Society, http://britastro.org/baa/, held at the South Downs Planetarium in Chichester. The meeting hosted 100 attendees spanning a range of professional figures, with a common interest in Astronomy. Maraston explained basics concepts of galaxy evolution and the state-of-art in galaxy studies at ICG.

2013 ICG/SEPNet Student Outreach Award

The 2013 ICG/SEPnet Postgraduate Student Outreach Award has been awarded to Timothy Clemson, for significant effort in outreach activities during his time at ICG, especially for activities with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch of the British Science Association.

Timothy Clemson: Science busking for National Science and Engineering Week in March 2012Timothy Clemson: Science busking for National Science and Engineering Week in March 2012

Successful stargazing at Gunwharf Quays

ICG astronomers held a successful Astronomy in the City event at Gunwharf Quays last night as part of National Science and Engineering Week. About 60 passers-by were able to spot the Moon and Jupiter through gaps in the clouds using a variety of different telescopes, with the help of Emma Beynon, Edd Edmondson, Jen Gupta, Cullan Howlett, Karen Masters, Andreas Papadoupoulos and David Wilkinson.

Stargazing LIVE 2013 Event at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard a big success

Over 25 members of the ICG helped out last night when it was "all hands on deck" to run a BBC Stargazing LIVE 2013 Partner event on board HMS Warrior 1860 and in the Mary Rose Story at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Stargazing LIVE 2013 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.: Image Credit: Andreas PapadoupolousStargazing LIVE 2013 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.: Image Credit: Andreas Papadoupolous

Professor John Ellis addressed an audience of 200 at a University of Portsmouth public lecture

An internationally renowned particle physicist, Professor John Ellis, a Clerk Maxwell professor at Kings College London, addressed an audience of nearly 200 last week at a University of Portsmouth public lecture about the Large Hadron Collider. He explained the importance the LHC has to the wider physics community and described how discoveries in physics are relevant to the wider community.

World Renowned Particle Physicist to give Public Lecture in Portsmouth

World renowned particle physicist, Prof. John Ellis is visiting the ICG on 15th November 2012 to give a research seminar. During his visit he has kindly agreed to also give an evening public lecture as part of the Portsmouth University Public Lecture Series.

This is a free event and open to all. For tickets, please email events@port.ac.uk or register from here.

Science Grrl Calendar Launch Involved ICG Outreach Officer

Yesterday in London was the launch of the first Science Grrl Calendar Our new ICG Outreach Officer, Dr. Jen Gupta (who recently obtained her PhD studying distant galaxies with supermassive black holes in their centres from the University of Manchester) is featured in the calendar, and attended the opening event in London. Jen Gupta (standing behind bench), with Helen Arney, Sheila Kanani and Helen Keen.  </div>

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