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ICG Member images Whirlpool Galaxy from Portsmouth

ICG member Edd Edmondson is a keen amateur astronomer, and last night took the below image of the Whirlpool galaxy from right here in the city of Portsmouth. Whirlpool Galaxy from Portsmouth, Credit Edd EdmondsonWhirlpool Galaxy from Portsmouth, Credit Edd Edmondson The Whirlpool Galaxy (or M51) is a large spiral galaxy (comparable in size to our own Milky Way) which is interacting with its smaller neighbour (to upper right in this image). Both galaxies are about 20 million light years away.

Despite the rain, ICG ran a successful event on HMS Warrior for the Transit of Venus.

Members of the ICG ran a successful event on board HMS Warrior yesterday talking with around 25 children and 60 adults about the significance of the transit of Venus in our understanding of the scale of the Universe, the historical links transit expeditions have to the Royal Navy and Portsmouth, and how they could successfully and safely observe the event this morning.

Calling all Science and Physics Teachers - Zooteach Workshop to be Hosted by ICG, July 19th 2012

The University of Portsmouth, in collaboration with Zooniverse, will host a free Citizen Science workshop on the 19th July 2012, 4.30-6.30pm. This is a great Continuing Professional Development opportunity for all Science / Physics teachers and all those interested in developing Citizen Science in their schools. Further details regarding the session are below along with a flyer promoting the session. '''Citizen Science Workshop, 19th July 2012''' Are you interested in getting your students to contribute to authentic scientific research?

Live Chat on Galaxy Zoo Science

Today (Tue 29th May 2012) at 2pm BST you can watch a Live Chat hosted by The Zooniverse on recent Galaxy Zoo science. ICG member Dr. Karen Masters will be there talking about her latest results on bars in spiral galaxies, and will be chatting about this and other things with Dr. Chris Lintott, Principal Investigator for the Citizen Science Aliance, lead scientist in The Zooniverse, one of the founders of Galaxy Zoo, and presenter of BBC Sky at Night. To watch you need to add [https://plus.google.com/u/1/109138735542732963088 The Zooniverse Google+ page].

Talk: The Transit of Venus and the Scale of the Universe

Members of the public are invited to a talk on "The Transit of Venus and the Scale of the Universe" by ICG member Dr. Karen Masters on Thursday 24th May 2012 at 7.30pm in Dennis Sciama 1.09. This is being hosted by the [https://www.facebook.com/pages/University-of-Portsmouth-Physics-Society/344280898950494 University of Portsmouth Student Physics Society] Venus will transit the Sun for the last time in over 100 years early in the morning of June 6th 2012. Here you can learn how to safely view the event, and it's significance for our understanding of the scale of the Universe.

ICG Scientist Inspires Students at School Space Week

ICG member, Dr. David Bacon inspired students at Miltoncross School last week when he played a major role in their "Space Week" activities. The school suspended the normal curriculum for a week to run activities and events on a space theme and get the students thinking about the miracle of science outside the classroom. [img_assist|nid=2442|title=Space Week at Miltoncross also included a visit from Prof. Jim Al-Khalili.

ICG science knowledge disseminated abroad. II. Engaging primary school pupils.

Claudia Maraston also visited an italian primary school and held a lecture on "Planets, Stars and Galaxies". The lecture was intentionally held before the pupils - about 10 years old - start to learn about astronomy.

ICG science knowledge disseminated abroad

Claudia Maraston held a Masterclass entitled "The bright side of the Universe" in English for the final-year students of the College "Liceo Ginnasio Leopardi-Majorana" in Italy last week. The pictures show an attentive audience An attentive audienceAn attentive audience and the questioning time.Time for questionsTime for questions

School visit to ICG for National Science and Engineering Week

Twenty year-8 pupils from St Edmund's School, Portsmouth, visited the ICG as part of National Engineering and Science Week. The 12 and 13 year-old students heard a talk from ICG Director, Prof David Wands, about how astronomers map the Universe, from the Solar System to the Big Bang. The pupils became part of a human Doppler shift demonstration organised by Dominic Galliano and had the chance to ask David, Dom and three other graduate students (Jon Emery, Yuting Wang and Georgia Kittou) about colliding galaxies, black holes, the edge of the Universe, and much more.

ICG led "Cosmic Science Day" at Portsmouth Grammar School reaches over 300 people.

On Monday 12th March 2012, ICG scientists worked with teachers from Portsmouth Grammar, and our SEPnet partners in Southampton running the Soton Astrodome to lead a special "Cosmic Science Day" in celebration of National Science and Engineering Week. Welcome to Cosmic Science DayWelcome to Cosmic Science Day In total over 300 people were involved in the day, from 9 year olds to adults which was hosted in the new Science Centre on the PGS grounds.
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