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Astronomy in the City for National Science and Engineering Week

ICG scientists will run another of the popular "Astronomy in the City" events on the Gunwharf Plaza 6.30-8pm on Thursday 15th March 2012. This is in support of National Science and Engineering Week, and in addition coincides with a close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter (at their closest separation and the same Right Ascension on this date (e.g. see [http://earthsky.org/tonight/best-venusjupiter-conjunction-in-years-mid-march-2012 Best Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in Years]).

ICG Students Demonstrate Cosmology at Intech Adult Only Night

On 1st March three PhD students from the ICG participated in an 'adults-only' evening at INTECH Science Centre in Winchester, where the theme was space. Timothy Clemson presented a display of astronomical images along with interactive simulations of the Universe and answered the public's questions about cosmology.

I'm an ICG Scientist, Get me out of here!

I'm a ScientistI'm a Scientist ICG member Dr. Karen Masters will participate in the Wellcome Trust/Institute of Physics funded "Space Zone" of the popular "I'm a Scientist, Get Me out of here" project for the next two weeks. Karen will participate in live chats with school children from all over the country, who will also have the chance to ask questions about space and science in general.

ICG Member Anna Kapinska Interviewed on the LOFAR Special Edition of the Jodcast

One of ICGs newest members - postdoc Anna Kapinska was interviewed by the Jodcast team when they visited Chilbolton to help with the LOFAR-UK repairs last month. The [http://www.jodcast.net/archive/201203/ special LOFAR themed edition of the Jodcast is now available to listen]. Anna talks about radio galaxies and active galactic nuclei with the Jodcast. She mentions the black holes in the centre of these galaxies, the jets being created and the lobes which can be observed.

Reception pupils of Southsea are already engaged with space science.

ICG scientist Claudia Maraston visited St. Swithuns primary school on January, 31, 2012. She dialogued with Reception children about the planets of the solar system, our own planet, meteorites and even exploding stars such as supernovae. The little pupils were coached by teachers Ms. Price and Ms. Rickard (see picture) through a Space Week, and could gain amazing information about Astronomy and Space Science. Reception children of St.

Astronomy in the City for BBC Stargazing Live: cloudy skies forecast for Saturday

The forecast for tonight isn't perfect for stargazing, and we are deferring a final decision on whether tonight's session of [http://www.bbc.co.uk/thingstodo/activity/stargazing-live-astronomy-in-the-city/occurrence/51427 Astronomy in the City] is going ahead until later - please follow David Wilkinson on Twitter ([https://twitter.com/#!/BeesInSpace @BeesInSpace]) for up-to-date information on tonight's event. If you missed out this time around keep watching this space!

Astronomy in the City for BBC Stargazing LIVE: A success on Thursday, but too cloudy tonight (Friday)

Observing Jupiter from Gunwharf QuaysObserving Jupiter from Gunwharf Quays ICG members Edd Edmondson, David Wilkinson and Karen Masters (with help from Andreas Papadoupoulos, Chris D'Andrea and Christian Fidler) brought "Astronomy in the City" to passers by in Gunwharf Quays last night, getting great views of Jupiter and Venus peeking through the clouds, and spotting several artificial satellites in orbit.

Astronomy in the City for BBC Stargazing LIVE is go for Thursday night

The [http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/hdfForecast?query=po1+3fx&MR=1#forecast forecast for tonight] shows breaks in the clouds, so our BBC Stargazing LIVE event, [http://www.bbc.co.uk/thingstodo/activity/stargazing-live-astronomy-in-the-city/occurrence/51427 "Astronomy in the City"] on the Gunwharf Plaza 5-8pm will go ahead. Join ICG scientists with telescopes who will try to show you the constellations, the clouds of Jupiter and the phase of Venus.

ICG Scientists at BBC Stargazing Spinnaker Tower Event

Hana shows off a cometHana shows off a comet It was all hands on deck the night of 17th January 2012 as 25 members of ICG helped with the major BBC StargazingLIVE event happening at the Spinnaker Tower. Spinnaker Tower was specially selected by the BBC to be the flagship StargazingLIVE event for the South Coast, and ICG researchers were immediately asked to support the event at this iconic landmark (which some of the ICG can see out of their office windows!).

Astronomy in the City for BBC Stargazing LIVE

Stargazing isn't just for the countryside - Nature's wonders can be seen through telescopes right here in the city of Portsmouth! Astrophysicists from the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation will be demonstrating "Astronomy in the City" at Gunwharf Quays. Come use our telescopes to get a closer look at stars, nebulae and the moons and stripes of planet Jupiter.
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