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Galaxy Zoo at the Brighton Peace Festival

ICG astronomer Bob Nichol will be giving an invited talk on Galaxy Zoo at the Brighton and [http://peacemessenger.wordpress.com/ Brighton and Hove Peace Festival]

ICG astronomer talks at Nightlife event

On July 4th, Bob Nichol talks to over 100 amateur astronomers from across the south of england at the 2009 Nightlife event (see [http://www.nightlife.demon.co.uk/]). The title of his talk is "Dark Energy".

Galaxy Zoo 2 Goes Live

Galaxy Zoo 2 has gone live. The update of the original Galaxy Zoo site asks users for more detailed classifications than the original, focussing on the brightest quarter of a million galaxies from the original.

The site is already seeing great success, with a highlight on the main page of the BBC, and a feature on the BBC's Breakfast News.

"Finding Spirals - How to Look at a Million Galaxies"

Karen Masters of the ICG gave a talk on "Finding Spirals - How to Look at a Million Galaxies" at the Southampton Astronomical Society on 12th February. Karen is is the 2008 Gruber Foundation Fellow, working on Galaxy Zoo, studying how to disentangle the "true" red spirals, from those that are reddened because they are seen edge on, and along the way learn about interstellar dust, and the nature of red spirals themselves.

Portsmouth scientist becomes spokesperson for the leading astronomical survey in the world

Bob Nichol has been elected the first Spokesperson of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III (SDSS; www.sdss3.org), which is the continuation of the original SDSS. Bob was voted for by over 100 scientists in the SDSS-III collaboration and will serve a three year term as Spokesperson, whose primary role is to liaise between the science collaboration and the survey management as well as between the science collaboration and the public.

Public talk - Galaxies and their formation and evolution

Claudia Maraston will be speaking at the Farnham Astronomical Society on "Galaxies and their formation and evolution" on the 11th of November.

Claudia is a Marie Curie Excellence Team Leader at the ICG researching the stellar populations of galaxies.

ICG professor on German public radio

Professor Bob Nichol features on German public radio on October 20th, as part of the programme "Forschung Aktuell", discussing baryon acoustic oscillations. More information is available (in German) here.

The cosmic childhood

ICG postdoc Rita Tojeiro is giving a public lecture today along with Stuart Lynn and Simon Reynolds, titled 'The cosmic childhood'. It covers the subject of the Big Bang and cosmology, and how the universe has changed over time. The talk starts at 7pm at the Royal Institution.

More information is available here.

The ICG on Meridian TV

The ICG was featured prominently on the Merian Tonight news on October 7, 2009. In a three minute feature, the piece discussed the ICG and its involvement in the Sloan digital sky survey, described as the most important astronomical survey ever done. Bob Nichol and David Bacon were featured in interviews, and the entire group appeared participating in a discussion about the survey.

Galaxy Zoo featured in Physics World

The September 2008 issue of Physics World has a feature article on the
Galaxy Zoo project, led by Oxford and Portsmouth.

The article is available online here.

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