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Guido Pettinari

Guido Pettinari's picture
Guido W Pettinari
Position: ICG Postdoc
Senior Research Associate
Office: DS3.09
Phone: [+44 (0) 23 9284] 5157
email (@port.ac.uk): guido.pettinari
Research interests: More details on my website http://www.guidowalterpettinari.eu !!! Through my research I strive to extract the maximum amount of information from current and future cosmological observations. In particular, I aim to clarify the connection between theory and measurements, accounting for possible contaminations in data or unaccounted for effects from the underlying physics. In this context, my main interests lie in linking the observed cosmic microwave background to the physics of the early Universe, and in understanding the formation of large-scale structure by analysing actual data and N-body simulations. *** Research interests: Non-Gaussianity in the cosmic microwave background; Cosmological perturbations at second order; Kinetic theory applied to cosmological species; Tests of dark energy using large scale structure; Probing axions using active galactic nuclei; Large-scale anomalies in the CMB.