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Chris D'Andrea

Chris D'Andrea's picture
Dr Chris D'Andrea
Position: ICG Postdoc
Office: DS3.06
Phone: [+44 (0) 23 9284] 3137
email (@port.ac.uk): chris.dandrea
Research interests: I consider myself to be an astrophysicist studying supernovae who happens to be interested in cosmology, which naturally leads to addressing the numerous systematic uncertainties that currently constrain improvements in cosmology with Type Ia supernovae. Examples of these uncertainties include understanding the effects of circumstellar material and properties of the progenitor population on the supernova explosion. I am also interested in core-collapse supernovae, as both objects for individual study and as cosmological tools (i.e., cross-checks for the systematic uncertainties unique to Type Ia supernovae). I also have a side interest in galaxies, particularly in understanding the uncertainties involved in the reconstruction of a galaxy’s star-formation history and chemical evolution through its spectral energy distribution.